“A terrifically twisted tale.”–John Valeri, Criminal Element

“Awesome … The talented Karen Olson has created a terrific heroine, and her mad skills will keep you turning the pages as fast as you can.”—Hank Phillippi Ryan, Anthony, Agatha and Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning author on Vanished

“The protagonist of Vanished barely has time to breathe, and neither do we … Karen Olson shows us that the most dangerous paths we travel are wireless”—Joseph Finder, New York Times-bestselling author of THE SWITCH

“Although the fourth of Olson’s rapid-fire adventures works fine as an exciting stand-alone, readers who start with the first book and work their way through the series will better understand the complex relationships involved in the dark world of high-stakes hacking.”—Kirkus

“Series fans will enjoy the ride.”—Publishers Weekly

“A complex and compelling narrative that takes this tale on a higher plane of intrigue.”–Dru’s Book Musings


“The third in this high-tension series is by far the most complex. Newcomers seeking to understand the weird and dangerous world of the hacking community will have to stay on their toes. The finale will leave everyone wanting more.” — Kirkus

“Adrenaline-charged … Although technology is at the heart of the story, don’t expect any geeky dependence on techie minutiae in this well-written, character-driven thriller.”—Publishers Weekly

Betrayed starts like a bullet – quickly gaining velocity and smashing through each obstacle in its path – before reaching a tension-filled climax guaranteed to please even the most jaded reader.”—BOLO Books

“Addicting.”–Wendy, Musings of a Bookish Kitty


“The second in this electrifying series is an addictive page-turner with a stunner of a finale.”—Kirkus

“Suspenseful and surprising . . . Nicole’s travails aren’t as harrowing as those of crime fiction’s most well-known laptop-wielding heroine, Lisbeth Salander, but anyone who enjoys the staccato rhythms emanating from a skilled hacker’s keyboard will be tapping their toes to this one.” — Booklist

“Tense … An unexpected discovery—and abrupt conclusion—will leave readers wondering what she’ll do in the next installment.” — Publishers Weekly

“There is a wonderful Hitchcock flavor to the book-long chase that takes Susan (and her pseudonyms) to Quebec City and then Montreal and back across the border to New York City … “Shadowed” also has a bit of a Lee Child/Jack Reacher feeling in the novel’s portrait of a brilliant loner, with access to cash, who keeps getting sucked into dangerous situations she has no real interest in, and who is very clever about living on the run … a wonderful piece of entertainment, with lots of fascinating technical aspects that never get in the way of the fast-moving plot.” — Joe Meyers, Connecticut Post

“SHADOWED is the perfect book for those readers who love spine tingling, on the edge of your seat action. … Karen E. Olson has crafted a very compelling and exciting plot that you will want to dive right into the middle of and feel a bit lost when the experience ends. From the beginning action to the final page, SHADOWED has it all!” — Fresh Fiction

A fast-paced thriller that is sure to please readers of the genre.” — Fictionophile


“Olson provides thrills and spills as her resourceful heroine uses her considerable skills to escape her past.” — Kirkus

“HIDDEN is a gem of a novel in which Olson—previously limited by the confines of the cozy genre—emerges as a powerhouse thriller writer. Nuanced storytelling and characters that are both complex and compelling elevate this work, as do richly rendered atmospheric detail and a well-balanced techno savvy. Much like her resourceful protagonist, the author has proven herself a force to be reckoned with—and this welcome reemergence will leave readers rejoicing.” — John Valeri, Hartford Books Examiner

“A contemporary, atmospheric thriller with an engaging protagonist.” — Fictionophile

Hidden… is the first in a new series that will thrill those who love mysteries, thrillers or adventure novels. It’s a complex yet simple plot at the same time that is all too credible in this day and age when hacking is developing into an international problem that can shake the financial world of companies, individuals and even the government. Reading it makes one realize no one’s bank account is really safe and the power behind hackers is more of a near threat than perhaps we previously thought. — The Best Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed Olson’s Annie Seymour books, and my wife insists to this day that I missed out by not reading her Tattoo Shop mysteries (she’s probably right), with Hidden she’s doing something new. This doesn’t feel anything like the Seymour books did, or the others looked — nothing against those, but she kicked it into a new gear here. I’d have been perfectly willing to read more in that other gear (and would be in the future), but wow, am I glad she found this one. I’m counting the days until the sequel. — The Irresponsible Reader

“A twisting, breath-taking ride of a novel.” — Vicki Lane, author of the Elizabeth Goodweather series

“An edge-of-your-seat thriller with surprises at every turn.” — Alison Gaylin, USA Today bestselling author

Sacred Cows

“A sharply written and beautifully plotted story.” — Chicago Tribune

“A boilermaker of a first novel…Olson writes with great good humor, but Sacred Cows is also a roughhouse tale. Her appealing and intrepid protagonist and well-constructed plot make this book one of the best debut novels of the year.” — The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Olson writes with a light touch that is the perfect compliment for this charming mystery.” — Chicago Sun-Times

Secondhand Smoke

“Annie is a believable heroine whose sassy exploits and muddled love life should make for more exciting adventures.” — Kirkus

“Authentic urban atmosphere, generous wit, and winning characters lift Olson’s second outing.” — Publishers Weekly

“Olson’s characters are her own, and her fast-paced plot and great ending make it a perfect read for patrons who like a bit of humor in their mysteries.” — Library Journal

Dead of the Day

“Dead of the Day is a fun mystery with just enough edge to make it sparkle.” — Chicago Sun-Times

“Karen E. Olson knows this beat like the back of her hand.” — Michael Connelly, bestselling author

“Dead of the Day takes the Annie Seymour series to truly impressive territory. Absolutely everything a first-rate crime novel should be.” — Lee Child, bestselling author

“Like an alchemist, Karen E. Olson blends together wildly disparate elements into pure gold. Dead of the Day is a delightful dance with the devil — dangerous, dark, and romantic.” — Reed Farrel Coleman, bestselling author

Shot Girl

“Olson excels at plotting  — with liberal doses of humor — and Annie grows more fascinating, and more human, with each novel. This one’s a winner from Page One.” — Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Olson continues a winning streak…This first-rate mystery will not only keep you guessing, it will provide fun and laughter along the way.” — Romantic Times (4 stars)

“Olson…steps up to a new storytelling level.” — The Baltimore Sun

The Tattoo Shop Mysteries

“A pleasantly jargon-free themed mystery…Readers need not be conversant with ‘street flash’ or other industry terms to enjoy the setting and follow Brett down a trail of needles and gloves to the dramatic finale.” — Publishers Weekly

“Olson uses the fresh setting of an upscale Las Vegas tattoo shop…for a fast-moving tale with quirky but affectionately portrayed characters…Although stubborn, Brett never becomes too stupid to live in her determination to solve the mystery. The tension is kept at a high pitch.” — Romantic Times

“Has it all, with edgy characters and a tight plot.” — Mystery Scene (The Missing Ink)

“A fun read…the characters are as quirky as Las Vegas itself…[Brett] is both likable and down-to-earth and will have readers returning for more.”—The Mystery Reader

“Features the same smooth writing, insightful character development, and complex plotting as the Annie Seymour books. Brett’s team at The Painted Lady is delightful, an eclectic mix of characters that adds to the fun.”—Cozy Library

“A winner…Brett is a likable, albeit unusual heroine…Looking forward to seeing more of her and her zany cohorts.”—Fresh Fiction

“Fun…The setup is pure, the setting is flashy.”—Gumshoe